The word “professional” can mean many things. As a professional photographer, I believe it must include:

  1. Being courteous.
  2. Being creative. But remembering it’s always your wedding, your session, or your company; not simply an opportunity to create “art” (the anti-Prima-Donna clause).
  3. Taking the time to understand and exceed your expectations for fine photography.
  4. Representing my abilities faithfully. This includes knowing when to refer you to another photographer if my abilities won’t meet your expectations.
  5. Not just being on time, but a little early.
  6. Maintaining primary photo equipment.
  7. Maintaining backup photo equipment for when the unexpected happens.
  8. Living a healthy lifestyle to allow for work at the peak of my ability.
  9. Charging a fair price for my services.
  10. Remaining a student of photography. Keeping current on industry trends and techniques along with regular upgrades to improve imaging and service