Personality counts.

Few professionals will work as close with you than your photographer. That’s why it’s important that you not only like the photographs of your photographer, but their personality as well. So if you like the quality and style of a particular photographer, and their fee is withing your budget, what more is there to decide?
Often, when new acquaintances ask me what I do, they immediately recount stories of their own or a close friend that had a horrible experience with their photographer; “they were bossy, dictatorial, or downright rude. Plus the pictures came out bad.”
So how can you tell if you’ve got a photographer that’s going to be both professional and easy to work with? Here’s a quick 5-point checklist I always ask myself – see if they work for you:
1. What does your “gut” tell you? Some people call it intuition, a sense, or a first impression, but how you feel after your first few interactions with your photographer should be a big part of your decision. Don’t let a low or even high price temp or sway your choice if you can’t shake an uneasy feeling that things might turn sour at some point.
2. Meet at least twice before making a decision. First impressions are usually a good guide, but maybe your first meeting was at a bridal show, and there wasn’t enough time to get a sense of what the photographer is like. Schedule at least one additional follow-up meeting where both of you will not be distracted.
3. Do they listen at least as much as they talk? This is critical. You never want to feel like you’re being “sold.” You are not buying a car or an insurance policy. Be sure your photographer understands what you want; this includes everything from the style of photography to what they wear.
4. Ask questions. Especially in this new era of digital photography, it is important to be very clear about what you are actually purchasing. Will your photographer allow you to make personal copies? What kind of album, if any, is included? How long will it take before the proofs are ready? How will the proofs be delivered to me? One of the best ways to ensure you are not disappointed is to align your expectations with their service and the package you are purchasing.
5. Do they appear to be genuinely interested? This may make up a large part of your good or bad feeling in general and can be difficult to put your finger on. But sometimes you can just tell that they are not attentive to really helping you make your special day, special. There can be all sorts of reasons for this; maybe they’ve burned out on doing weddings or they talk too much about their expensive equipment or qualifications, or simply they don’t seem to care that deeply.